Off radarness

Been off radar, busy with work and trying not to be exhausted at the best of time. But I have a puppy to take off most of the stress if you can believe. Been visiting the parents for weekend, but mum is beating me when it comes to the 5 o’clock rush to walk the dog, by the time it’s 6.30 she usually beat me to walking him. Apparently he’s better than the treadmill.

Have found this dog cafe called Cafe Bones that I’m really keen to visit. Having a dog opened up a whole new world of things I have no idea existed, like Kong toys and poop bags…

Can’t wait for puppy school to start in two weeks time, managed to train him in most of the commands already like sit, lie down, shake and walk already, but would be interesting to see what else we’ve missed along the way. So glad he knows the sit command really well now, it’s the only counter command when he starts jumping. Butt on the floor = lots of treats.

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