So my family got a 13 week old Shiba puppy last Sunday and it’s been an interesting experience. No photos since I left most of my cables and card reader at home, it’s hard to take a good recent photo of him since he tries to touch the camera with his wet nose or just shows me his butt.The image below is the one his breeder sent to me when he’s 8 weeks old or so, he’s lost most of his chubbiness and starting to lose those white socks as well unfortunately, but still has the same expression.

Oh we decided to call him Kori, I wanted to call him Darcy, Mr Darcy as his full name, but they didn’t like that one bit.

10-03-06 (25).JPG

He’s amazingly well behaved considering he’s only been in the house for a few days. I thought he’ll be shy or scared, but that was only the first few hours when we brough him home, now he’s just all happy and bushy tailed and a little nippy. I thought I was meant to ignore him when he’s chewing on me, but apparently shiba puppies like to test you and you’re better off with smacking him on the nose to show who’s boss. Apparently that’s what mum did and now he’s docile to her, but still a little shit to me.

There’s alot to be said about having a puppy that’s house broken and hates soiling his own area, it’s so much easier to keep things clean. He’s ridicilously active though and can’t wait till we have our backyard fence fixed up so we can let him off the lease at the back. He’s in the laundry now (we’re planning to introduce him to a room slowly week by week), but he already tore apart one stuff monkey and does get easily bored. Might be something about being too bright for his own good, I retrained him to sit and to come when he hears his name in a day and a half. Now must train him to actually behave on his leash (shiba haates leashes, and just likes to go exploring by themself).

Still amazed that he doesn’t whinge about being left alone, or when he’s being picked up to wash his paws after a walk. Anyway, we’ll see what happens.

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