IPod goes down the mine

You probably heard about this already, but I can’t help but think that Apple is seriously blessed PR wise for the past 12 months.
BEACONSFIELD – Tasmania’s two trapped miners have been given iPod music
players to help them pass the time as workers drill their rescue tunnel.

Brant Webb and Todd Russell yesterday were into their eighth day almost one
kilometre underground in the Beaconsfield gold mine.

Since rescuers managed to get an access pipe through to them on Monday
night, the two have been given food, water, nutritional drinks, vitamins,
dry clothes, space blankets, glow sticks, magazines and now Apple iPods –
all passed through the 90mm PVC pipe.

“They remain in good health and have now received iPods so they can listen
to their favourite music,” Beaconsfield Gold Mine manager Matthew Gill said

In what must have been – pardon us – music to the ears of Apple, TV news
highlighted how the iPods gave the men a new sense of privacy: one had asked
for country-and-western music; the other for hard rock.

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