Failed projects and what not…

Today is supposed to be the day where I do all the little things around my place that I haven’t had time to do:

A. Paint my yet to be assembled step bench
B. Finish sewing the sofa cushions I had cut into squares (borrowed sewing machine from mum)

Project A died a quick death when I grabbed my paint only to realise I don’t have a brush. Moved on to project B, started hemming the edges and was about to put things together when I realised that I don’t have an unpicker and it’s just painful *trying* to ignore the crooked seams.

So back to knitting and drawing I go. To those who cares, knitty’s newest edition is out and I really want to make this and this not to mention this shroom from crotchet me.

Well at least my kitchen is sparkling clean again, bleach I love you.

Otherwise than that, it’s been a fantastic chilling day watching episodes of House, pottering around and finally visiting Don Adan down the road for take away lattee. There was a guy busking, sitting on a stool singing Bright Eye’s songs and the coffee was just perfect.

I really do like where I live.

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